“Socially Responsible” what does it mean?

SRI is a type of investment which means to reconcile economic performance and environmental and social impact by financing companies contributing to sustainable development regardless of the sector in which they operate. Being a socially responsible company means underlining three criteria called “ESM” criteria: environmental, social and management criteria. The environmental one refers to the impact on natural ecosystems (greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings, waste management, use of renewable energies…). The social one refers to the relationship between the company and its employees, its suppliers, its clients (respecting Labour Laws and Humans’ Rights, health policies, well-being in the workplace…). The management one relates to the way the company is run (financial transparency particularly about senior staff’s wages and the fight against corruption…). Today, the SRI label only concerns funds which are respecting those criteria. Eventually, those funds will also be able to invest in states or regional authorities.