Who gives the label and how?

Funds wishing to obtain the SRI label must respect the technical specifications explained in the second Appendix of the ministerial executive order dating from December 8th 2016. Those technical specifications were established by public authorities. The label’s committee -completely composed of experts- is in charge of proposing new leads for the technical specifications to encourage the best practises possible.
Funds wishing to obtain the SRI label must ask one of the organizations listed by the French Committee of Accreditation (Cofrac), the only French national instance for certifications according to the executive order from December 19th 2008. Once listed, those independent organizations then proceed to an acute analysis of the fund’s situation according to precise technical specifications. If every condition is filled, the label is awarded for three years.
After the obtention of the label, check-ups and evaluations are often organized. If the SRI fund does not respect the technical specifications, the label will be withdrawn.