How to find my way in the different SRI funds?

The large panel of SRI funds gives you multiple options. To make your choice, you can use different criteria that will help.

Your personal motivations
Your beliefs are essential in the process of choosing which SRI labelled fund is made for you. Your motivations will help you determine what type of investment you should choose.

To participate in a more sustainable and fairer economy, you can select funds by searching for each field’s “best companies” in terms of responsible practises.

If you want to favour a given field (innovation, renewable energies, fight against climate change…) you better choose a thematic fund. On the opposite, if you want to exclude a specific field, some funds focus on not supporting some types of activities (arms, alcool, coal…). Those are exclusion funds.

Return expectations of SRI funds
As for any investment, you can choose an SRI fund for purely financial reasons. Indeed, as for any fund, SRI labelled funds are aiming for economic performance. Depending on the risk, and on the profitability you seek for your project, you will choose between funds composed of stock-actions, bonds or money market securities.

In any case, your financial adviser will be a precious help to guide you in your choice.