I have savings and I want to earn a profit… Who to trust?

Among the broad panel of financial vehicles you can invest your savings in, SRI labelled funds assure you of an investment respectful of environmental, social and management norms (ESM).

This label supported by public authorities offers the double benefit of guaranteeing the labelled funds are financially profitable and socially responsible. To make sure that SRI funds are meeting the requirements to wear the label’s name, they are constantly audited. In case of serious shortcomings, the SRI label is withdrawn.

As any investment fund, SRI is a good way to place your savings. Academic studies show that SRI funds are as efficient as any other fund. The financial profit depends among other things, on the types of products composing the portfolio (stock-options, bonds, money market securities), on the length of the investment and on the economic context.

Your usual financial adviser (bank adviser, portfolio or assets adviser) will be able to guide you with your choices.